aka MOU - applied for from the CBRTA

Cross-border road transport permits, also known as a MOU, applied for from the CBRTA.

CBRTA (Cross-Border Road Transport Agency)
This is the governing body that issues all cross-border permits for goods and passengers to and from neighbouring countries with whom the RSA has cross-border agreements.

Countries included are: - Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi.


The Road Fund Administration was established in terms of the Road Fund Administration Act, 1999 (Act 18 of 1999) and is thereby authorized to impose road user charges (RUC) to secure sufficient funding to achieve a safe and economically efficient road sector in Namibia.

The following RUC's are at present in place in Namibia: cross border charges for all foreign registered vehicles, annual vehicle license and registration fees for locally owned vehicles, abnormal load fees which is levied on vehicles of which the dimensions and/or mass exceed the legal limits, and a levy on petrol and diesel used for travel on public roads referred to as fuel levies.

CBC's are payable at all Namibian border posts

The principle of Cross Border Charges 9CBC) or entry fees is based on the recovery of infrastructure costs as provided for in the SADC Protocol on Transport, Communication and Meteorology, Proclamtion No 24 of 29 September 1997. Whilst Namibian vehicles in all classes are paying license fees and fuel    levies for the maintenance and construction of the country's roads, foreign registered vehicles    are also expected to pay their fair share for the use of this infrastructure.    As a result CBC's are payable by all foreign registered vehicles entering Namibia. Upon receipt of the CBC, a CBC certificate is issued.

The current CBC system includes the following categories of foreign registered vehicles:

Visiting privately owned vehicles, whether transporting goods or used for tourism purposes.
Vehicles imported into Namibia, both second hand and new.
Diplomatic vehicles registered in foreign countries (please note that this is not a tax, but a fee for road use).
Foreign registered rental vehicles.
Vehicles belonging to foreign governments, except those entering Namibia for emergency purposes.
Any other foreign registered vehicle forming part of a combination vehicle.
CBC's are structured as a flat fee payable each time a foreign registered vehicle enters Namibia.

This fee consists of the CBC, an administration fee covering the agent's costs and VAT of 15%.
Different vehicle categories pay different CBC's.
The CBC system is policed at the Namibian border posts within Namibia by traffic law enforcement officers.
The RFA appointed Africon Namibia as the agent to manage CBC's at all border posts.
Africon Namibia handles all administrative matters, collects the entry fees, issues CBC certificates and    answers all system-related queries.

The CBC system is operational at the following porder posts:

Border post name  Neighbouring country
Ariamsvlei South Africa
Buitepos Botswana
Holweg South Africa 
Katwitwi Angola
Klein Menasse South Africa
Muhembo Botswana
Ngoma Botswana
Noordoewer South Africa
Omahenene Angola
Oshikango Angola
Ruacana Angola
Wanella Zambia

Regular road users who travel within 100km of a specific border, may at the    discretion fo the RFA, qualify for a regular user permit.    Application forms for regular user permits are available from Africon Namibia    at the CBC payment offices. These permits are for Type 2 vehicles only and are valid for a period of 3 months. The cost of the regular user permit is    N$170.00. Cash payments can be effected in Namibian Dollars at all border posts    or the designated payment offices. Pre-payment options are available at    Ariamsvlei, Noordoewer, Buitepos, Katima Mulilo and Oshikango.    Users can apply directly with Africon Namibia.    Please note that Credit Card payments can only be effected at Buitepos.


TypeDescriptionEntry feeEntry fee perAssumed kmTravelling
(Petrol and Diesel Driven(N$)100km (N$)travelled perentryDistance Charge
Type 1Motor cycles, motor tricycle and motor quadrucylce90 - - -
Caravans and light trailers drawnby type 2 vehicles.
Type 2All passenger cars, station wagons,140 - - -
S/C and D/C bakkies, 2x4 and
4x4 bakkies, Kombis, Microbus
and minibus (less than 25 passengers)
Type 3Light goods vehicles/delivery vehicles290 - - -
(GVM <3500kg) 
Heavy vehicles : (single units)
Type 4Bus with 2 axles. (carrying capacity of 25 or more Passengers)3508.61.465126
Type 5Bus with 3 axles. (carrying capacity of 25 or more Passengers)4408.731.552136
Type 6Single unit Truck with 2 axles3509.441.03297
Type 7Single unit Truck with 3 axles44011.6279592
Heavy vehicles : (Traction unit as part of a combination vehicle)
Type 8Truck tractor : with 2 axles3508.790979
Type 9Truck tractor : with 3 axles44010.191.418144
Type 10Truck tractor : with 4 or more axles83011.0582291
Heavy trailers as part of a combination vehicle
Type 11Trailer : with 1 axle2308.731.346118
Type 12Trailer : with 2 axle35010.371.469152
Type 13Trailer : with 3 axle44011.121.373153
Type 14Trailer : with 4 axle58012.18975119
Type 15Trailer : with 5 or more axle71012.972.202286
Construction vehicles
Type 16Tyre dozer, grader motor, front-end loaders,excavators.12003.9590536
 self-propelled vibratory rollers    
Type 17Any other vehicle not listed2303.9598539

Information supplied by the Namibian Road Fund Administration.
Private Bag 13372
Tel: 0026461 - 250897


Namibian Distances
Ariamsvlei - Windhoek 778km
Buitepos - Windhoek 320km
Holweg - Windhoek 712km
Ka-Twe-Twe - Windhoek 1013kn
Ka-Twe-Twe via Rundu - Windhoek 868km
Klein Manassa - Windhoek  688km
Muhembo - Windhoek 932km
Ngoma - Windhoek 1287km
Noordoewer - Windhoek 786km
Oshikanga - Windhoek 733km
Ruacana via Oshakati - Windhoek 860km
Ruacana via Kmanyab 757km
Waneta - Windhoek 1215km